Spring Training Numbers…Perhaps do they tell Us More than we Think?

I’ve been thinking about it, & while I know that come opening day, every statistic goes back to zero, I’m starting to think that maybe Spring Training Numbers mean more than we give then credit for, & here is why. We all know that through the rigorous 162 game schedule, most likely you will use a lot more guys over the course of the season than just those that you open the season with, & although some of that help comes through trades, a lot of that help can & will come from one’s own organization via Minor Leaguers. Since especially early in Spring Training the Regulars don’t play a whole lot, & pitchers are managed so that they are ready but not overworked come opening day, & you see a lot of Minor Leaguers, if the Minor Leaguers do well, is that a Sign of organizational Strength? I think it does. I think the better record that a club has in Spring Training means that they are a strong club all the way around & through & especially early in Spring Training when the Regulars don’t play for more than 2 or 3 innings. Verses a Club that their record is right at or close to .500 either above or below by a few games, I think that means that if that club gets hit hard by injuries in the regular Season their Minor League Call-ups may Struggle. Just my thoughts. Nathan.

The Countdown is ON!

The Countdown till Opening Day is Thankfully much closer, & I’m very excited for it, (the countdown to be over) & for the regular season to get underway! The off-season always seems so long, & I wish it were much shorter. I wish that we played all year around except for 1 week before Thanksgiving Through New Years. I know that I’m dreaming that the season could ever be that long, but hey, a Man can dream can’t he? I always like the start of the season regardless, but it’s always extra nice opening up at home, because until the first pitch, you can look up at the scoreboard, & see that everything is .000 . Also its cool, because if one of your guys gets a hit in their first at-bat, then they’re hitting 1.000, which is kinda cool. Plus this year the Rockies are gonna have two fanfare kind of days with the Opening of our New Spring Training Complex SRFATS in late Febuary, & then our real home opener on the 1st! Plus, I like opening Day because I get to go see everyone that I refer to them as a Group as: “My Summer Family”, because all of the people I know, they are like a Family to Me. Go ROCKIES!!!!!

Is it wise to Rush Players through to the Big Leagues?

I’ve been thinking about this, & I’m not sure it is. Mr. Dexter Fowler of the Colorado Rockies originally skipped Triple A, when he made his Major League debut. However, after awhile, Mr. Fowler had to go back to Triple A to get some seasoning. I totally agree that Mr. Jordan Pacheco has been having a good spring. But overall is it worth it to rush & skip levels on the Way to the Big Leagues? I’m not so sure. Time & depending on what Happens with Mr. Pacheco will tell I guess.

How much impact will the new Spring Training Complex have?

I honestly think that the New SRFATS Complex will have a lot of impact in a positive way on the club, & not just as we finish Spring Training, but into the Regular Season as Well. I think the biggest most visible difference will be the readyness of our offensive regulars. I believe it will help to avert the historically slow offensive start that we typically see. Not to be left out is the Pitching either because they are facing other teams regular guys as well, which can only bode well for us come the Regular Season. 

I’m Back after a Long Hiatus

I’m sorry to everyone if anyone even reads my blog, but the reason I haven’t been updating this Blog is a long story somewhat involving computer issues, which meant I recently had to buy a new computer. Anyway, I am back & will try to start blogging on a fairly regular Basis again. About the New Upcomming & Fast Approaching Baseball Season, I’m soooo Unbelievably Excited especially for my Beloved Rockies. They really don’t have any outside expectations this year comming off of last year, & in addition to the San Fransisco Giants who are also in the NL West being the defending World Series Champs, & also with the on Paper Ridiculous Rotation that the Philadelphia Phillies have. However, being underdogs & underestimated, & being Doubted is a roll in which my Beloved Rockies Thrive & so do I in my personal life. Besides if anyone hasn’t been paying attention, its 2011, which is an odd-numbered year, & to date the Rockies have only made the playoffs in odd numbered years, never in even numbered years (yet). Besides even if the so-called experts & odds-makers are right, which I highly doubt, since they almost never are, they named the Phillies & Giants which are 2 teams when 4 out of each league make the Playoffs. Go Rockies! I can’t wait for the Season/Home Opener! Go Rox! 

A little Message to All of the Rockies Nay-Sayers out There

I Sincerely Hope that all of the Rockies So-Called Fans Who are Really Nay-Sayers Have learned their lesson to Not Judge things so Quickly. Because as I Seem to recall When the Rockies Traded Away Matt Holliday to the A’s it Seemed as if Almost everyone was Calling the Entire Club Crazy & Saying that they were Cheap & So On. Meanwhile, I stood By the Team & the Trade, & Said Give the Trade A chance & Yet Here We are approaching the Last Week of August, & the Rockies Are leading the Wild Card Race, & Clearly in the Thick of the Division Race as Well.

Should Dexter Fowler Be NL Rookie of the Year?

The Title of this entry is Exactly the Subject of My post. My Answer is of Course, Yes, But probably Just like in ’07 Dex Knows will probably Get Robbed of it this Year, Just Like Tulo did in ’07. I Call for the Voters to be Spread throught the Country, & the Votes are Not to be in until after the Whole Season is Complete. Any Thoughts? 

Proof of that it’s Not About How You Start, But Rather it’s How You Finish

Well, I don’t know if Anyone pays as Close Attention to the Rockies (or any other MLB Baseball Team for that matter, as Much as I Do, But I’d say that this season is a Source of Proof & Hope for All Major League Baseball Teams & Their Fans, that it’s not about How You Start your Season, But Rather, it’s How You Finish, As I’ve Stated in a Previous Entry, While I do like NFL Football, on one Hand, Because there is Such a Vast Difference Between the Total # of Games played, & the # of Divisional Games Between the 2 Sports, & I think that Many People Fall into what I call “The Football Season Frame of Mind” in that if in Football You get off to a Slow Start, Yes it can be very Hard to make Up, Because there’s only 16 Games Total, & only 2 Games With Each Divisional Opponent, Whereas in Baseball Its a 162 Game Schedule, & You play Each Divisional Opponent a Total of 18 Times Per Season.

Nice Sweep of the Reds Guys! Keep it Up Against the Cheesesteaks!

Well, that sure was a Satisfying Stay in Cincy, I’d Say. Beating, More importantly Sweeping Teams like this, is what Winning & Playoff Teams Need to do. Now lets hopefully take at least 2 out 3 against the Phillies, and then come Home & Have Either a 5-2 or 6-1 Homestand, & We’ll continue to be in great Shape Continuing into the Stretch Run! Let’s Go Guys!